The last sigh

I wake up, look at your photo, and while I know you are never coming back, I still kiss it...

I lost you. Lost you forever. I wish it was me instead.

I take deep breaths but the shorter ones are heavier on my chest as they remind me how I skipped them with a brush of your fingers on my skin...

You had told me how soft my skin was but now, they are wrinkled.

I remember you would hold my hand and tell me how beautiful you were going to make my life. But did you know you were going to leave me too soon?

You made me learn about the beauty that you could see in me and trust me,
I am trying finding it but I cannot.
Now all I see are grey hair, teary-eyes and some kids around waiting for me to tell them stories.

Oh, Riva is an adult now and she keeps asking me about how I met you.
I know she is in love but she just does not admit.
She reminds me so much of me, the younger me, the one who wore heart on her sleeves but an absolute idiot in front of mother.

By the way, just because I keep reme…

Kabir Singh 🙏🏻

Disclaimer: This piece is a personal view but that doesn’t mean physical abuse in the name of love is okay. Say no to physical abuse of any form. Let love be and feel like love. Thanks! 

Dear Kabir Singh, 
When I first saw you, I was terrified. I wanted to stay as away as possible but you made it sure that my only friend, guide and teacher was you. Everyone, like me, was afraid of your unapologetically bullying behaviour. While some girls thought I’m lucky to have you around always, it was somewhat suffocating and lonely because I never had anyone to speak about you or against you. I was so scared that I couldn’t tell you that you are wrong at so many levels. 
Eventually, I adjusted to your obsessive overpowering behaviour. I started falling for you. I started mistaking your anger as your love until the day you pushed me away irrespective of no fault of mine. They are my parents. They will think of only good. They will want me to have a good future, they will hope to maintain their honou…

Metro ke dhakke...

Metro ke dhakko Me kharch ho rahi zindagi,
Ab jeeye Kya bachaaye Kya,
Kaash tu hoti, safar baaton me katt jaata...

Ki ye safar Kuch English wale suffer jaisa hai,
Anjaan logo Me dekh raha hu Me khud ko,
Roop toh badle hue hai par gham Ek jaisa hai,
Metro ke dhakko Me dard Nahi hai,
Par dhakke uss dard ko taza kar rahe hai,
Joh hum kahin kamre ke kone me roz chodh aate hai,
Un sapno ki tarah joh zimmedari ke bhoj tale, siskiyaan lena bhi bhool chuke hai...

Metro ke dhakko Me kharch ho rahi zindagi,
Adhuri hai ya puri?
Kaash Tu hoti, haath pakadkar adha pura sapna dekh hi lete.
Soch hi lete ek pal ko ki yeh haath chutenge Nahi,
Ki roothne ka toh sawaal hi Nahi,
Ye duniya me jaat paat ka bawaal befizul hai Aur anth Me sirf pyaar hi rahega...
Bolo rahega na? Aise hi pucha karti thi na tum?

Bol do Woh Sach joh mujhe sunna hi Nahi hai aur keh do - Arre mazak tha- Bas ussi tarah Jab tumne Kaha ki pehli Nazar Me maine tumhe King Kong ki yaad dilaayi,
Lambe baal pasand hai Aaj bhi,
Bas Tumhar…

Kash tu chai hoti

Kash tu chai hoti
Dilli ki sard raatoh me tujhe hatheli me dabaye rakhta,
teri garmi mehsus kar, khud ke chehre pe teri bhaap ki pucchiya aane deta,
Tujhe hoontho se chu leta mai din me kai dafa,
meri raat ki neind tu hi udati,
haaayeee, kash tu chai hoti.

Kash tu chai hoti,
teri khushboo se muskurahat fail jaati mere chehre pe,
teri garamahat se meri saanso me kuch raahat aati,
yun teri ek chuski, chutki se mere sar dard ko gayab karti,
yun tere khatam hote hi -- kaash thodi aur hoti -- wali talab jaagti,

Kash tu chai hoti...
Dilli ke 45 degree ki garmi me
uff uff, rukh rukh kar, yun paseeno se bheega main,
thoda frustrated, thoda gussaya sa,
dosto saath, tere saath, uss nikamme boss ko gaaliya deta,
fir tere khatam hote hote, gussa khatam karke wapas umeed bharkar kaam pe wapas jaata

Kash tu chai hoti,
teri zarurat ka andaaza sabko hai,
meri maa bhi tujhe pasand karti,
meri behen bhi,
Na unhe jaat dikhti, na paise ki kami,
kash tu chai hoti...
par nahi hai,
aur isiliye shayad tu wa…

Gully Boy belongs to Siddhant Chaturvedi. And just him (Not a review)

A lot of noise in the form of appreciation came on the way for Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt as soon as their recent film Gully Boy released. I was equally excited because it is indeed rare to see not even one person going against the flow. All that one had to say about the film was what a spectacular piece of art and cinema this Zoya Akhtar directorial has proven out to be. In fact, she has been hailed as the best filmmaker of our times.

Of course, all the good words urged me to watch the film but did it stand on my expectations? I would say, no. The hullabaloo around it did not seem worth it.

I went to watch Gully Boy with my family in the very week of its release. The film started with introducing us to Murad (Ranveer), Safeena (Alia Bhatt), Moeen (Vijay Varma) and their life in a slum. As meek as Murad appeared, Safeena was complete opposide. She was strong, bold and someone who did her own thing in life. A perfect case of ying-yang. Moeen, on the other hand, earned his living by …

Kangana has an army... on Twitter

I met Kangana Ranaut recently with ample of question on my mind — why is she so controversial, why she  doesn’t go by the rule book, why everyone has an ego clash with her - and many more. My meet with her was supposed to give me answers or at least, a sneak-peek into why she’s what she is. But more than knowing her, I got to know the fan following she enjoys after the interview went up on the website. 
Mind you, this meet or interview wasn’t a personal one. It was supposed to be a press conference. But maybe, I was lucky that there were not many present at the venue and I had the chance or opportunity to throw most of the questions. 

In this interview, she spoke about everything - from Manikarnika The Queen of Jhansi being her directorial debut to the controversies the film found itself in by the time of its release and finally, how Bollywood is not considering or being ignorant towards the success of the female-led film which otherwise would have been hailed if it had come from someon…

Why the "josh" is so high around Vicky Kaushal's Uri The Surgical Strike?

How's the josh?

The slogan or let's say dialogue has become an emotion now, thanks to the recent release Uri The Surgical Strike.

Starring Vicky Kaushal in the lead role, it would not be wrong to say that Uri evoked patriotic feelings in each one of us, either throughout the film or in some parts of it. But what made it become one of the blockbuster army-based films in the past few decades? Here are my reasons:

While it is being touted as an out-and-out Vicky Kaushal film, for me, it purely stood out for the teamwork. The actors did bring every ounce of the script to life but without a tightly written script by Aditya Dhar (also the director) and impeccable cinematography by Mitesh Mirchandani, it would have been difficult to keep the audience (and me) glued to the seats.

Battleground sequences were so well choreographed that in many moments, I felt as if I was a part of it. Though, I wish I could do a single percent of what these guys did on-screen.

Really, hats off to the a…